Jaime Trujillano joins Altum Faithful Investing as CIO

*Published in FundsPeople on 11/03/2022

The EAF, which specializes in offering advice and management under the Christian doctrine, expands its team with Jaime Trujillano, who joins from Julius Baer, where he had been a manager for more than seven years.

The new incorporation to Altum Faithful Investing EAF is expected to provide them with the “necessary experience to continue expanding the financial team and allow the company to continue growing at the pace demanded by the market, always pursuing its corporate purpose: that its clients do not have to choose between profitability and integrity”, they say.

Trujillano, who has a technical profile, has a solid financial background and experience in the sector. In addition to being an expert in Endowments management, he holds a Master’s degree from the Austrian School of Economics at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and has completed the Executive Master’s in Financial Management at IE. In addition, he holds the CFA certification, Chartered Financial Analyst, specific to the sector.

As for his experience, since 2015 he has been a manager of Julius Baer in Spain. And, 2006 and 2015, he was investment manager at Sabadell Urquijo Gestión; and previously, between 1999 and 2006, head of the International Equities desk at Urquijo Bolsa y Valores-Ibersecurities.

He specializes in the management of endowments, i.e. endowment funds whose sum of money is donated to an institution to finance a specific activity. “This long-term vision when it comes to investing is critical for its incorporation in Altum, since the company avoids speculation and short-termism, with one objective: the preservation of capital, so that religious vocations in fifty years’ time will have the same opportunities as vocations today,” they say.

The firm considers that Faithful Investing, as this style of investment is called, “is experiencing a worldwide boom”. Investment based on the criteria of the Social Doctrine of the Church “is a service that is increasingly in demand in the face of the incipient weakness of the so-called ESG criteria. Faithful Investing goes a step further, adding more complete and comprehensive objective moral criteria, which do not vary according to fashions, always placing the dignity of the person at the center of investment activities,” they argue.

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