What Is Faith Based Investing?

Faith based investing, also known as faithful investing or ethical investing, is an approach to managing financial assets that align with the principles and beliefs of religious or ethical doctrines. It involves integrating one’s faith or moral convictions into investment decisions, seeking to generate financial returns while adhering to certain ethical, social, or religious guidelines. […]

March Market Review

March closes a quarter of equity rallies and a flat quarter for global fixed income. The reasons are the same as we have seen for the past few months. In November last year Jerome Powell, chairman of the FED (US central bank), said that there would be no more rate hikes and this triggered strong […]

Why is “surrogate motherhood” wrong? 

Upon the teaching and the tradition because: 1. It is contrary to the unity of marriage and to the dignity of the procreation of the human person. 2. Represents an objective failure to meet the obligations of maternal love, of conjugal fidelity, and of responsible motherhood. 3. It offends the dignity and the right of […]

Altum disembarks in the USA with a new Catholic investment platform: Arimathea.

We are thrilled to announce Altum’s entry into the U.S. market with the introduction of Arimathea, an innovative Catholic investment platform. In collaboration with Golden State Asset Management (GSAM), we proudly establish ourselves as the first Spanish provider of Catholic Screening for the United States. Arimathea, accessible at www.arimatheainvesting.com, is designed to empower investors with […]

Borja Barragan: “Risk is taking your bag and going without a euro to the missions”.

*Interview by María José Atienza. Published in Omnes on 06/07/2023 Founder of Altum Faithful Investing, Borja Barragan, together with a team of professionals both young and old, helps and advises religious institutions in the field of investment and financial asset management with a criterion based on the Social Doctrine of the Church. How can a […]

Social Catholic Teaching and 2030 Agenda – Where is your North?

Part IV: Where is your North? In the last three articles we have been explaining that, although the 2030 Agenda has positive aspects, accepting it implies direct conflicts with the moral approach of the Church. In the face of the widespread acceptance of the Agenda, the question arises: what now, what should Christians do, where […]

Human action, capitalism and Christian values: the work of Michael Novak.

Michael Novak (1933-2017) undertook the task of reconciling capitalism with Christian values by defending this system from the perspective of morality. Advisor to St. John Paul II and correspondent at the Second Vatican Council, Michael Novak was an American philosopher and theologian whose work has had a great impact on the economic thought of the […]

Bridging Morality and Economics: The Legacy of Father Juan de Mariana

Member of- the School of Salamanca, Father Juan de Mariana (1535-1624) was a Spanish Jesuit and theologian who made great contributions to modern political thought and economic science. He is one of the most important thinkers that the Church has given to economic thought and whose contribution is still very relevant today. A defender of […]

A Pro-life Economy

The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court¹ overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling has had multiple consequences in the United States. The main one is that a large number of American states have restricted access to abortion within their territory. Denying the fact that the U.S. Constitution confers on women the right to abortion, […]