What we offer​

“The ownership of a good makes its owner a steward of providence to make it fruitful and communicate its benefits to others.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2.404.

Financial Advisory

Investment Portfolio Advisory
We build investment portfolios seeking cost efficiency, access to the best managers in the national and international market and always complying with the criteria set forth in the Social Doctrine of the Church.
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Development of investment protocols that comply with the Social Doctrine of the Church
The professionalization of investment implies having written guidelines to serve as a guide when making decisions. We help our clients to develop these guidelines so that they are always in line with their moral criteria.
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Advise to investment vehicles (funds, SICAVs, etc.) regarding ethical criteria.
We advise investment vehicles that want to implement the Catholic Magesterium in their investment decision-making process.
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Endowment advice (endowment funds, foundation funds and institutional funds).
We are aware that there are institutions whose time horizon is very long term (congregations, foundations, family-offices...). For these types of entities that require special attention and management, we implement portfolios that meet their particular needs (liquidity, destination of funds, etc.) while allowing them a solid and stable capital preservation over time.
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Management and economic viability reports of Religious Institutions to help them in their decision making.
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Ethical and financial analysis of the investment portfolio.
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Training in the evangelical management of goods​

We provide training programs that, on the one hand, allow our clients to gain a deeper understanding of the world of faith-consistent investing.

How We Work


We focus on proposing simple portfolios and investments, avoiding complex or speculative investment product structures.


We help asset managers act prudently in managing their investments, harmonizing the moral rectitude of their investment decisions with the intention of obtaining a return on their investments.


We owe it to our customers. That is why we only charge customer fees, without receiving any type of retrocession or commission from any other entity. There are no conflicts of interest. It is the only way we know how to work.​

Transparency and Accountability​​​

At Altum we explain to clients each and every one of our investment recommendations, so that they in turn can be can be accountable to their own customers – such as provincial governments, dioseses, trusts, trustees, etc.

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Altum Faithful Investing EAF, SL, a financial advisory company financial advisory company with registration number 219 with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado Securities Market.

We have been recognized as part of the International Network of accredited Social Enterprises.




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