Methods and Approaches in Faith Based Investing

Faith based investing, also known as Faithful Investing, encompasses a spectrum of investment strategies that align with religious or ethical beliefs. These approaches integrate financial goals with moral or spiritual principles, reflecting a growing trend among investors seeking to make a positive impact beyond financial returns. Within the realm of faith based investing, various methods […]

What is Faith Based Investing? – The Motivation Behind Faith Based Investing

Faith based investing, a practice gaining momentum in recent years, reflects the desire of individuals and organizations to infuse their investment strategies with principles derived from their faith traditions. This approach encompasses a multifaceted motivation, intertwining the alignment of investments with values, the impact on decision-making processes, and the integration of faith and finances into […]

What Is Faith Based Investing?

Faith based investing, also known as faithful investing or ethical investing, is an approach to managing financial assets that align with the principles and beliefs of religious or ethical doctrines. It involves integrating one’s faith or moral convictions into investment decisions, seeking to generate financial returns while adhering to certain ethical, social, or religious guidelines. […]

Borja Barragan: “Risk is taking your bag and going without a euro to the missions”.

*Interview by María José Atienza. Published in Omnes on 06/07/2023 Founder of Altum Faithful Investing, Borja Barragan, together with a team of professionals both young and old, helps and advises religious institutions in the field of investment and financial asset management with a criterion based on the Social Doctrine of the Church. How can a […]

Jaime Trujillano joins Altum Faithful Investing as CIO

*Published in FundsPeople on 11/03/2022 The EAF, which specializes in offering advice and management under the Christian doctrine, expands its team with Jaime Trujillano, who joins from Julius Baer, where he had been a manager for more than seven years. The new incorporation to Altum Faithful Investing EAF is expected to provide them with the […]

“Investment and Economics are not far from Christian values”

*Article by Williams Perdomo published in The American on 10/28/2022. Investing and maintaining Christian values is possible. In fact, it is not something new and since at least the 1990s there are those who are dedicated to ensuring that conservative investors find companies that share their vision. This is the case of Wealth Management Group, […]

Borja Barragan: “We are allowing companies to dictate moral criteria”

*Interview by José María Sánchez Galera. Published in Revista Centinela on 09/28/2022. He has worked for financial firms such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and Merrill Lynch. He has studied at Harvard, the German School of Madrid, Université Paris Dauphine and ICADE. Before starting his working day, he practices sports with determination and has a good […]

A Catholic’s Answer to ESG?

*Article by Itxu Díaz published in National Review on September 18, 2022 Meet a firm that’s investing in companies based on alignment with church teachings. Capitalism, faithfully followed, would have you making money and maximizing profits. That’s all good. It just so happens that there are many ways to do it, and not all of […]