Altum Investment Guidelines

May your investment portfolio
never compromise your integrity.

At Altum we are convinced that the act of investing cannot and should not be in conflict with Catholic morality. Whoever invests has the moral responsibility to know what to invest in and and how to invest in order to invest with consistency and coherence.

This is what makes the difference and the raison d’être of Altum.
That is why we have developed the Altum Investment Guidelines, which are the investment principles that we always apply in our advice.

This is what describes and determines us.

Promotion of

Human Dignity

Every human being has dignity that must be respected and protected. We help you to design portfolios that, among other things, preserve the dignity of your employees, help to curb pornography, promote human freedom from addictions or respect religious freedom.

We seek to invest in companies or assets that demonstrate responsible management practices, behave responsibly to preserve human dignity and operate with integrity in their relationships with employees, competitors, customers and suppliers (stakeholders).

We seek to curb access to pornography: we avoid investing in companies or assets that have a significant stake in the production, management, publication, distribution and sale of adult entertainment materials of a pornographic nature.

We promote human freedom from addiction: we consider positively investing in companies and assets that promote human freedom from addictive behaviors, especially those caused by alcohol, tobacco or gambling.

We defend religious freedom: we avoid investing in assets of governments or companies that promote or incite religious persecution of any creed, or that deprive people of their right to religious freedom.

Promotion of


Let us support the family, let us defend it from all that compromises its beauty.

Pope Francis, Inauguration of the Year of the Family, March 2021.

We seek to invest in companies or assets that promote and recognize the social virtues and social value of the family.

We avoid investing in companies or assets whose actions and practices actively attack the Catholic understanding of marriage and the family.

Promotion of

Human life

Build your own investment portfolios that support the culture of life, free of abortion, contraception, indiscriminate weapons or euthanasia.

We support policies and initiatives that seek to protect human life throughout its existence: from the moment of conception until natural death.

Respect for the life of the unborn: we avoid investing in companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the practice of abortion or the manufacture of abortifacients or contraceptives.

Protection against the instrumentalization of procreation: we avoid investing in companies or assets involved in embryonic stem cell research, stem cell research derived from fetal tissue or embryos, and human cloning.

We promote the “culture of life” against the establishment of the “culture of death” (St. John Paul II): we avoid investing in companies or assets directly or indirectly involved in the practice of euthanasia, the death penalty or involved in the production and sale of indiscriminate weapons or weapons of mass destruction.

Promotion of

the Creation

Learn to distinguish which companies promote a real co-responsibility with the environment (without falling into the trap of greenwashing), aimed at preserving the environment for the integral development of future generations.

We seek to promote, through investment, positive initiatives carried out by governments and companies that implement the highest standards in their relationship and behavior with the environment.

We seek to promote, through investment, the implementation of practices that foster co-responsibility with the environment, aimed at preserving Creation for future generations: we value practices and actions that promote the reduction of abusive environmental impact.

We avoid investing in companies and assets that are involved in serious controversies due to their impact or abuse of the environment and/or natural resources.

We like to walk in truth

When dealing with moral issues, it is important to know the object, purpose and circumstances.

In the last 3 years we have established conversations with more than 600 companies to learn their approach to such relevant issues as their support for abortion, religious freedom or what actual practices
they carry out to care for Creation.

We believe it is positive to have an active dialogue to be able to see, judge and incorporate truthful information in our ethical analysis.

We do not select companies that seek to look good, but companies that are consistent.

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