Altum disembarks in the USA with a new Catholic investment platform: Arimathea.

We are thrilled to announce Altum’s entry into the U.S. market with the introduction of Arimathea, an innovative Catholic investment platform. In collaboration with Golden State Asset Management (GSAM), we proudly establish ourselves as the first Spanish provider of Catholic Screening for the United States.

Arimathea, accessible at, is designed to empower investors with a virtue-based investment strategy, allowing Catholic investors to align their financial aspirations with their faith. We recognize the common struggle faced by Christian investors—balancing professional investment management with moral principles.

Altum Faithful Investing provides the moral screening behind Arimathea, with a very clear mission: to provide Catholic investors the freedom to choose investment portfolios consistent with their faith. Borja Barragan, Altum’s CEO and Founder, emphasizes the significance of our parternship with GSAM: “Collaborating with an entity such as Golden State, which is committed to offering investment solutions faithful to the Magisterium, is an important step in enabling American investors to build professional portfolios without compromising their integrity.”

While Altum focuses on delivering Catholic Screening Research, the financial and investment strategy falls under the expertise of Golden State Asset Management. Daniel R. Catone, CEO and Founder of Golden State, shares our excitement about the partnership: “Our goal is to meet the needs of those American investors who want to be consistent with their faith, willing to prioritize their long-term financial goals and align their investments with the Catholic Church’s mission to create a more ethical, moral and just society.”

Arimathea’s portfolios will soon be available on Golden State’s digital advisory platform, offering American investors an opportunity to invest with a set of criteria that goes beyond ESG and stays true to the Magisterium.

For more information about Arimathea and to explore its virtue-based investment strategy, we invite you to visit

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