June Market Review

We continue with the same line of the past months in equities, with rises in the main indices, and with some exceptions such as the European market. Stocks linked to technology and specifically to the semiconductor sector experienced rises of between 10% and 30%, as is the case of the software company Broadcom. In the […]

May Market Review

Another good month for the market, with a large part of the equity indices rising thanks, for the umpteenth time, to technology companies and specifically Nvidia, which rose by 26.9%. Fixed income also joined the party due to the fall in yields (price increases) of bonds at a global level.   Referring to the latter two […]

April Market Review

In the month of April, both equities and fixed income at a global level suffered losses. In the case of equities, this was a brake on the upward trend since the beginning of the year, and in the case of fixed income, which was torn between losses and gains, it finally succumbed and ended up […]

March Market Review

March closes a quarter of equity rallies and a flat quarter for global fixed income. The reasons are the same as we have seen for the past few months. In November last year Jerome Powell, chairman of the FED (US central bank), said that there would be no more rate hikes and this triggered strong […]

February Market Review

An exciting February for equities and not so much for fixed income.– S&P 500: +5.17%. – MSCI Emerging Markets +4.8%. – Stoxx 600 Europe: 1.84%. – Bloomberg Global Aggregate (global fixed income index): -0,88% Why is this? It must be that human beings are naturally optimistic or have a free downside insurance called a central […]

January Market Review

We started 2024 with the optimism we experienced during the last two months of 2023, i.e. the possibility of central banks lowering rates during this year. Global equity indices rose, except those of emerging countries, dragged down by the poor performance of China due to the disastrous situation of the real estate market. Global fixed-income […]