May Market Review

Another good month for the market, with a large part of the equity indices rising thanks, for the umpteenth time, to technology companies and specifically Nvidia, which rose by 26.9%. Fixed income also joined the party due to the fall in yields (price increases) of bonds at a global level.   Referring to the latter two […]

April Market Review

In the month of April, both equities and fixed income at a global level suffered losses. In the case of equities, this was a brake on the upward trend since the beginning of the year, and in the case of fixed income, which was torn between losses and gains, it finally succumbed and ended up […]

What is Faith Based Investing? Understanding the Foundations of Faithful Investing

Faith-based investing is rooted in historical, ethical, and moral principles, and has traversed centuries, evolving alongside the progression of capitalism and the emergence of socially responsible investing (SRI). To comprehend its foundations, we embark on a journey through pivotal historical milestones, tracing the lineage of faith-based investment practices. XVII Century: Birth of Capitalism In the […]

What Is Faith Based Investing?

Faith based investing, also known as faithful investing or ethical investing, is an approach to managing financial assets that align with the principles and beliefs of religious or ethical doctrines. It involves integrating one’s faith or moral convictions into investment decisions, seeking to generate financial returns while adhering to certain ethical, social, or religious guidelines. […]

March Market Review

March closes a quarter of equity rallies and a flat quarter for global fixed income. The reasons are the same as we have seen for the past few months. In November last year Jerome Powell, chairman of the FED (US central bank), said that there would be no more rate hikes and this triggered strong […]

Why is “surrogate motherhood” wrong? 

Upon the teaching and the tradition because: 1. It is contrary to the unity of marriage and to the dignity of the procreation of the human person. 2. Represents an objective failure to meet the obligations of maternal love, of conjugal fidelity, and of responsible motherhood. 3. It offends the dignity and the right of […]

Altum disembarks in the USA with a new Catholic investment platform: Arimathea.

We are thrilled to announce Altum’s entry into the U.S. market with the introduction of Arimathea, an innovative Catholic investment platform. In collaboration with Golden State Asset Management (GSAM), we proudly establish ourselves as the first Spanish provider of Catholic Screening for the United States. Arimathea, accessible at, is designed to empower investors with […]

The Rhonheimer Effect: Shaping Economics, Ethics, and Bioethics in the Modern Age

In the world of economic philosophy and Catholic Social Teaching, Martin Rhonheimer stands as a remarkable thinker whose work has left an indelible mark. The Swiss philosopher and theologian born in 1950, is known for his important contributions to the field of economic ethics and morality, especially in the context of Catholic ethics. In this […]